Demonstration by Corin Tomlinson – 22nd March 2017

In this photo series, renowned bonsai artist, Corin Tomlinson from Greenwood Bonsai Studio, Nottingham, styles a Blue Cedar which was recently imported from Italy, with a further two available from his well stocked nursery in the future.

Corin has been to Sussex Bonsai Group many times and the last was a couple of years ago, when he designed a group planting.

Well, the Sussex members were treated to a mouthwatering demonstration.

“The cedar was a big task to attempt in a 1 ½ hour demo. They are in a heavy clay soil and it takes lots of work to chip it away from the rootball.  Once I had done that, I managed to find another 3 inch of trunk that had been buried below the surface. I then have to decide the front of the tree and get it potted securely.

After that I trimmed and wired it, but despite my quick wiring, I ran out of time to get fine wiring done – which makes a huge difference on initial styling of a nursery stock tree like this.  So once back at the nursery, I spent another 30 minutes doing some additional wiring and final branch placement.

During the evening, I also showed some photos on my projector of 2 much larger cedars in my collection.”

Well, I think you will agree that has inspired us all!   For those of you who are new to bonsai, it is worth seeking out your local bonsai club, gaining experience from watching demos, speaking to knowledgeable experts, attending workshops and visiting the many shows up and down the country.   It is a fascinating hobby and there are an array of bonsai books to help you on your journey.


One thought on “Demonstration by Corin Tomlinson – 22nd March 2017

  1. Incredible what can bo done! I have a similar-sized conifer with really interesting bark and which I’m too apprehensive to tackle without knowledge. Pearse Carty

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