Demonstration by Chris Durne, Bonsai Kai

Sussex Bonsai Group’s March Demonstration

We had a very interesting demo last night by Chris Durne from Bonsai Kai.

He brought along two projects.  The first, was a ‘wrap around’ with a live piece of juniper onto a dead piece, salvaged from a neglected collection.  There was some interesting discussion during the demo, regarding different ways to get the live material to fuse with the dead piece.  One suggestion was to hold the two pieces tightly together with cable ties for a year or more until the live piece has taken on the shape of the dead piece.  Then, remove the ties and cut away some bark where the two are in contact with each other.  Re-attach with ties and leave to fuse over time.

The second part of the March meeting was a demonstration on how to attach 3 part-trained junipers to a large piece of rock.  Chris had prepared the rock by attaching some wires with Gorilla Glue in the places where he thought the trees might be. There was then more discussion with club members about the positioning and angles of the trees.  Once decided, they were secured with a keto mix, wires and cable ties, all of which will be covered later with moss.


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