Hyper Japan 2018

Hyper Japan Festival, Olympia London, Friday 13th – Sunday 15th July

Congratulations go to the members of five Bonsai Societies from the South East Region, who staged on behalf of FoBBS, a Bonsai display 15 metres x 6 metres at Olympia in London, as part of the Hyper Japan Festival.


The Show was a mixture of the traditional and the new vibrant Japan, portraying life in Japan.

The Bonsai Boys (above), straight from their success at Chelsea, another Gold Performance.

The Show was a great success, with a great deal of interest in Bonsai related matters, and hopefully potential Bonsai new members for Clubs around the country, as people were directed to the FoBBS website for more information about the art of Bonsai.  It makes you feel old, when numerous people keep saying, “I can remember helping my grandfather with his Bonsai.”

Most photographed trees on display

Peter wishes to thank the team for their hard work and long hours over the four days, but I think we all had a lot of enjoyment from the show and the costumes are always an eye opener.

  • Chris Durne and Daniel Hausher, Bonsai Kai.
  • Philip Bishop, Mark and Ming Moreland, Middlesex Society.
  • Tony McKenzie and Glenda Liess, Sussex Bonsai Group.
  • John Watson, Crawley Bonsai Group
  • Debbie Jary and Family, Surrey Heath Bonsai Society.
  • Russel Wheeler, Nick Payne and Tim Back, The Bonsai Boys.

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