Demo by Alan Peacock at May’s Meeting

It was great to see some new members at May’s monthly meeting, when Alan Peacock demonstrated how a plant from a garden centre could be turned into a promising bonsai tree.

He started with a cedar, quite bushy looking at the start, with a drooping branch structure and gradually uncovered ‘the tree within’.

Many cedars are grafted, so there was a slight lump at the base of the trunk but Alan carefully trimmed some of this away to improve the trunk line.  He then chose a ‘front’ by looking for the best angle to give an apex which bowed towards the viewer.

By then removing any primary branches that emerged from the trunk opposite each other, and any secondaries that were growing upwards or downwards, the tree’s final shape began to emerge.

Then some wire was applied, first to bring a top branch upwards to form the new leader, then the other branches were wired to allow them to be positioned in a way that made a pleasing bonsai outline, and ensure that there was an even spread of branches and no empty spaces.

Hopefully the pictures show the transformation.

The second tree that Alan worked on, was a juniper with lots of very dense, compact and healthy foliage. The plan for this one, was a semi cascade style but there was not enough time to complete the transformation during the evening.  However, after some careful pruning, Alan showed how the tree could be developed in the future.

Finally, Alan brought back a tree that he had styled at a demonstration evening a year ago, to show how that had progressed.  In fact, it had progressed so well that it was voted the best tree in this month’s Tree of the Month competition.

Our thanks to Alan for such an interesting evening.


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