White Pine demo by Lee Verhorevoort

Club Meeting – 23rd October-White Pine demo by Lee Verhorevoort

What a fascinating and information packed evening with Lee on Wednesday!

Lee brought along a fairly large white pine (5 needle pine), grafted onto a black pine root system that he bought in Japan.

The material was challenging because, although the lower trunk had interest, above the first branch it was rather straight and lacked taper.  So he had decided to remove the top of the tree and use the lowest branch to develop a semi cascade style.

Having cut away the upper branches, he left a long ‘stub’ which could be gradually reduced over time using a technique of reduction by stages to encourage callousing over of the final wound.  The cut ends of the trunk and branches were cauterised to limit sap loss and cut paste applied.  Lee anticipated at least 6-7 years before the wound would be totally healed.

Next, the branch junction with the trunk and the branch were bound tightly with soaked raffia, then wired with thick aluminium wire.  A guy wire was used to pull the branch towards its new semi cascade position.

Whilst working on the tree, Lee gave lots of general advice about pine cultivation, feeding, styling, pest and diseases, etc. He also talked about candles and de-candling but too much information to summarise here.  Anyone who would like to know more would be well advised to visit Lee at his Nursery.

See here for LINK.

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