February’s Demo – Ken Norman

February’s Club evening was a repotting demonstration by Ken Norman.

He brought along 3 different trees – a tiny cotoneaster,  a medium sized elm and an acer group.

The tiny cotoneaster had become very pot bound and needed a sharp knife to get it out.

The elm needed a new pot and a slight change of angle to disguise the thick roots coming out at opposite sides.

The acer group was repotted without breaking the trees apart, so that they maintained their original positions in the group.

Repotting Demonstration-Feb.2019

There was a good turnout for February’s meeting – a repotting demonstration by Ken Norman.

Below, are photos from the evening’s demo.

Ken imparted his wisdom, offering hints and tips, too many to add them all here, but have cherrypicked just a few.

  • Use akadama – no need to sieve it, as the first watering will wash the dust through.
  • For established trees, repot Maples every 2-3 years.  Other species can be left longer.
  • For a medium sized tree, add a drainage layer of pumice first.
  • Root pruning encourages new root tips to emerge closer to the trunk.
  • If the pot has 3 feet, then 2 should be at the front.  If just one is showing at the front, the pot will look unstable.
  • Wire in with thick wire.  Thin wire will break when twisted to tighten.
  • Don’t feed for 4-6 weeks after repotting.

If you require any Bonsai advice or help, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or our Facebook page.  Visitors are most welcome to attend a monthly meeting.